How do I build a Deathstar in my garage?

by on June 8, 2010

Q: Bounce it of the retro-reflectors of the moon:
1) and have an eye visible ray return
2) have an intensity that permits detection by any means (using a photomultiplier)

Bounce it of the moon itself and achieve goal 1) and 2) listed above.

And… finally… wattage needed in order for the laser to pass through the moon itself in under a second (yottawatts ? or should we push it it further to the order of…. YodaWatts ? (lame joke alert ) .
I’m asking this only because I’m planning to build a Deathstar in my garage.

Please post the formulae used. Thanks.

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    The real question was the needed wattage for a LASER in order to achieve the goals listed above.


      Your entire question is there the subject is just a summary to help those that might search for this on the web or in our search box.


    I’m aware of what you intended, but my question was part of the intended subject. How would a casual reader know what I would want to bounce off the surface of the moon, only by reading my initial phrase ?


      So what do you want your subject to be then? Everything else is exactly as you submitted it.


    The calculations for power requirements can be found here:


    If you want to try and bounce a laser off the moon, you’re going to need a million dollar investment:


    I’m aware of the lunar ranging operations.

    I just wanted to know some aproximate values, just for the fun of it. Or at least the order of the intensity KWatts ? MWatts? GWatts ?
    The Deathstar question was just for amusement, although the link provided by Mark is very interesting. Thanks !