How come my computer is still slow after doing regular maintenance?

by on June 28, 2010

Q: I have been having problems with my laptop for a few months now. I have regularly defragmented the hard drive, ran the disk cleanup, and have the antivirus software setup to scan everyday. I still have problems with the computer running extremely slow and freezing up while trying to access the internet. What should I try next?

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    What anti-virus software are you running?

    Also, what other programs are running in your system tray (bottom right) at startup?


    I am currently running F-secure antivirus (it was free through our DSL provider) and then I loaded Microsoft Security Essentials over the weekend in hopes that it would pick up something that the F-secure missed.

    In my system tray, the programs that are running are: The Acer technology launcher, windows sidebar, Microsoft Security Essentials, F-Secure antivirus, touch pad, audio manager, One Note New Side Note, Launch Manager, Power Manager, Network Connection, and Volume.

    I will tell you that the problem became noticeable after my computer was affected by the “bugged” McAfee update. I uninstalled the McAfee antivirus program when their “fix” did not fix my computer.

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    You should never had more than one anti-virus program installed and running on your computer. These programs scan and monitor all active files on your computer and having more than one active will really degrade performance.

    I’d suggest uninstalling F-Secure. Security Essentials is great and has a very low impact on system performance.

    Also, try running this McAfee removal tool: it should help get rid of any more junk the normal uninstall missed.

    If you’re still not happy, try running ccleaner to clean out some junk files.

    You can also use it to see what programs are setup to automatically startup when windows launches. Do google searches on names listed if you don’t know what something is, and if it is something that doesn’t need to load and launch, consider unchecking it.


    It worked great! Running fast again which I really needed! Thanks!