How come my DVD drive stopped working?

by on June 30, 2010

Q: I have a problem with a dvd drive. It’s an ATAPI DVD A DH2OA4H and of course it’s just past the warranty. About 6 weeks ago it decided it didn’t want to burn dual layers anymore. Now when I insert a dvd loaded with files,movies,games,etc it tells me they’re blank discs. I put the same movie disc in my dvd player (TV) and they run perfectly.

Sometimes when I reboot & there’s a disc in the drive, it won’t boot up until I remove the disc. I’ve taken the thing out & put it back in 3 times now. I updated the firmware for it. There’s no driver update available. I’ve taken this computer completely apart and put it back together again in the past, so I’m not “computer impaired”. But this thing is driving me nut. I need to access these dvds.

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    I suggest running a DVD Lens Cleaner disk through your drive. This has helped me a lot of times.

    You should be able to buy one for $10-$15 anywhere home electronics are sold.


      I’ve tried that a few times. Didn’t work


    In that case I’d suggest you replace the drive