How come WordPerfect 11 wont keep the formatting I want?

by on August 8, 2010

Q: I regularly use WordPerfect 11. I’ve noticed a few issues with it though. I have a resume that I’ve saved and sometimes want a fresh print of it. Whenever I go to print it, there’s a problem that I always have to fix. Even though I fix it each time and save changes, it never keeps the change. The problem is that I have several columns and it wants to keep one “phrase” tabbed over where it doesn’t belong. So I have to remember to fix it each time.
Why does it do this?

It’s only that one spot (usually) that troubles me. It’s very frustrating.

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    My best guess is that this a bug with the software. WorkPerfect 11 is about 7 years old, so I’d suggest you try one of the following:

    See if there is a patch available from Corel:

    Try a different Word Processor such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice (free!).


    It depends on how/what you are saving and what you started with.

    If the doc started as a MS doc file it may still have formatting codes that are affecting it.

    If you are positioning it as a text box or something that WP may not recognize it may not save properly (or if you save it to MS format instead of WP format some conversion will occur). Save to WP format and try a different method to save ou your anomoly,

    You could also upgrade – WPO is already to WPO X5 so you are about 8 years old. But, this should work in WP 11.