How can a device send data to a laptop that is 200 meters away?

by on August 31, 2010

Q: How does a device which is strapped to an athlete that has GPS tracking and reads heart rate send that information in real-time to a laptop within 200 meters away?

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    Are you asking “how does this work” and looking for a science explanation, or are you looking for specific equipment needed to pick up the signal?

    If you’re looking for equipment I’d need to know the make and model of the device you have strapped to the athlete, and if you’re experiencing issues receiving data or you’ve never used the equipment before and are curious if it will work in your application.


    I actually need to know everything, i am using the information in a research paper.
    It’s a GPSports, SPI Pro.
    Basically i need to know how the information is received by the laptop from the device and how the laptop is able to monitor more than one athlete at a time in real-time (how the signals are kept authentic and don’t mix up)

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    At a very basic level, they are using radio waves to transmit information, part of the data they will be sending includes an identifier telling what device is transmitting.

    If you need more depth on the technology you should contact the company directly, they should be able to give you all the information you need.