How come I cannot see the Add/Remove programs icon in my Control Panel?

by on August 31, 2010

Q: The add/remove programs icon on the control panel wont open. What can I do to solve it?

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    You may have picked up an infection. Run a complete anti-virus/anti-spyware scan.


    How can i run a complete anti-virus/anti-spyware if i cant access my other control panel icons?


    Try booting into Windows safe mode

    Are you able to launch any programs at all?

    What anti-spyware/anti-virus software is installed on the pc?


    just the performance/maintenance icon but nothing else, the “McAfee” software but im trying to uninstall it because since its out of date, i downloaded a new one called AVG “anti-virus free edition”… but it wont let me acces anything else


    Try using this site to do a complete system scan:


    so is that the only thing i can do to fix my control panel?


    If parts of your control panel aren’t working and you’re running out of date anti-virus software then the very first step is to do a complete system scan to detect and remove any infections.

    Some viruses/malware will disable parts of the control panel in an attempt to prevent you from removing them. I’m not saying you have an infection for sure, but it would be the first thing to check for a troubleshooting process.

    If you want other options:
    – Wipe the system and do a system restore
    – Have it serviced by a professional.