Can I get data off my laptop hard drive after dropping my laptop?

by on October 3, 2010

Q: I dropped my HP laptop the other day. It gives me either the option to do a safe start up or normal start up. No matter which one I do the computer doesn’t find my OS ( windows 7 ) and won’t log on. I checked the bios and ran a check on my hard drive and it gave me an error #10009 replace hard disk. My computer is fairly old so I don’t care about it ever working again. My question is can I still get all my information off of my hard drive using an external hard drive port thing. ( I don’t remember what they are called ) or is it a lost cause?

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    It really depends on how messed up the hard drive is, and how important the data is to you.

    My initial suggestion would be to remove the hard drive, hook it into a external hard drive caddy, and then plug that into another computer. Then if the drive isn’t destroyed, just copy your important files off.

    If that doesnt work you can talk to a local computer shop for assistance or try sending the drive to a data recovery company.

    Inthe future don’t forget to backup your data!


    Thanks, I took the hard drive out and its not rattling or clicking so I hope it still works.