How do you disable safemode in FireFox?

by on October 4, 2010

Q: I am trying to figure out how to disable safe mode on Firefox to prevent browsing. I have an app to prevent it when not in safe mode. I think I found a solution, but don’t know how to perform it. If I could get a step by step answer, it would be greatly appreciated. I found the following when trying to find an answer.

“I used 7z to extract from the browser.jar file to files called Safemode.js & SafeMode.xul. I then used skpet to make the (cancel) option the only one, so safe mode can never run.”

the part above was an extract from the link below.

If there is by chance a different way or easier way of doing it, then I’ll take any advice.

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    correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like you are running a Linux OS. It appears that there are 2 reasons that this would occur. I’ve pasted the content/Link to the article below.

    Firefox not closed completely
    If you started Firefox in Safe Mode, it will remain in Safe Mode until Firefox is completely closed. The easiest way to make sure Firefox is closed is to restart your computer. Once your computer starts up again, start Firefox.

    Shortcut updated to open Safe Mode
    You may have updated the shortcut you use to start Firefox to open it in Safe Mode and forgotten to change it back.


    Right-click the icon you use to start Firefox and choose Properties.
    If the dialog that opens has tabs, click on the Launcher tab.
    Make sure the Command: box doesn’t include -safe-mode at the end. It should only read firefox %u for default installations of Firefox.


    There really isn’t an easier method.

    If you’d like, for a small fee, I can modify the browser.jar file for you. However it would only work with the current version of firefox, and would be able to be worked around by reinstalling firefox, replacing the file or using a different web browser.

    If the purpose of this is to prevent the browsing of certain websites I’d suggest blocking them at the router or using a 3rd party application.