Is it possible for images and song files to get viruses?

by on October 7, 2010

Q: I have great AV software installed but I seem to have gotten a virus anyway. It keeps crashing Google Chrome with a “Windows Application Error 0xc0000022” message.

The safest thing to do is wipe the computer clean and reinstall windows but I worry about transferring my pictures and my ITunes library.

How do I know the flash drive I use won’t get infected by the virus and infect my new computer? Can pics and song files even GET viruses?

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    This doesn’t sound like a virus, just software bugs.
    Some googling around points to this being an issue with CA Internet suite causing other programs to crash.

    Assuming you have that installed, boot into safe mode, uninstall the entire suite and reboot.

    From there either try installing the suite again, or switch to something else, I always suggest Microsoft Security Essentials. It does a nice job of keeping my system clean without being a pain in the neck.

    If you want to be extra safe you can run an on-line system scan:


    Thanks so much for replying! It’s definitely a virus-my scans found it, but couldn’t remove them all (and I still can’t access google chrome). in that case, should I worry about transferring music/photos on a memory stick to ny newly re-formatted computer?


    So are you actually getting “virus detected” messages or just getting “Windows Application Error 0xc0000022? messages


    my avast told me i had viruses. After removing them all (or so I thought) , I tried to log back into chrome and still got that error message.
    I took your great advice and ran the trendmicro scan. It found and quarantined a virus the others missed, and now I’m back on chrome. Should I still be nervous something is lurking in there somewhere, or, after four different virus scans now turn up nothing, should I feel safe? I’d hate to reformat if I don’t have too…


    1. The error message you’re getting with chrome is probably totally unrelated to anything that avast detected.

    2. Having more that one Anti-Virus program running in the background is going to cause you more system problems than many viruses would.

    3. You’re probably fine if that many scans turned up nothing, to deal with the chrome problem see my original post