How come my computer shuts off every time I stream videos?

by on October 8, 2010

Q: My Compaq laptop started to shut off every time I run streaming videos. AV comes back clean.

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    What websites are you streaming videos from and what software are you using?

    Also, what version of windows and what is the model # of your laptop?


    How old is the computer? Is it getting really hot before it shuts off? What kind of surface do you have the computer on when you are watching these videos? Ex. hard surface tabel, bed, etc…


    Runn ing XP HE, I ruled out heat issues, AV. Suspect a Trojan, trying to run defrag, cleandisk, and sometimes AV it, shuts off. The streaming can be Netfilx, TV from CBS and others and on-line games, whatever is streaming it will run for about 4 minutes and the PC shuts off. Otherwise I can e-mail and DL all day long.

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    This really sounds like a hardware issue and not a virus/trojan.

    Your steps to diagnosis:

    Download ‘Ultimate Boot Cd’:

    Following the instructions there, burn a copy of the CD.

    Insert the CD into your laptop and reboot it.

    While the PC boots you should have the option to boot from the Ultimate boot CD instead of Windows.

    Under the ‘CPU’ section on the menu launch the ‘Mersenne Prime Test’ program.

    This program will load test your CPU. Let the program run for two hours. If there is a problem with your laptop’s hardware or the cooling of said hardware, the laptop will shutdown, lockup or crash.