How come some of my songs are distored?

by on October 9, 2010

Q: I’ve put all my music on media player but for some reason some cd’s have incredibly distorted sound quality to the point where its not even worth attempting to listen to them. Can anybody tell me why and what to do without directing me to ask windows for help?

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    Do the same music files sound bad when you play them on your computer, or only on your media player?

    Try a friend’s portable mp3 player and different headphones too so you can try to isolate the problem.


    i downloaded a different media player to see if that was the problem and it didnt work, the music was still terrible.
    should i maybe try putting these certain cd’s on again but in a different format??


    what are you using to convert the CDs to mp3s, and what settings are you using?


    im just converting it through windows media player at 128kbps


    Does using windows media player to convert songs ever work correctly for you, or do the resulting sounds always sound distorted?


    around 80% work, its just slightly older cd’s i have noticed


    I’d suggest trying some different software, like iTunes, on one of the disks to see if it makes a difference.


    Some other ideas if you’re not into the Apple scene: