How come my router skipped an IP address?

by on October 10, 2010

Q: I’m a noob so please bear with me. I use a linksys router which is assigned an IP ending with 1.1.

This morning, I checked my own IP and it ended with 1.3. I’m confused because I’m the only one using the connection (as far as I know). Where do you think 1.2 could have been assigned?

Right now, my IP ends with a 1.2 so I’m wondering if there could have been a compromise this morning or if the router could have addressed it elsewhere?

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    The router has a pool of addresses, and it will often just grab one from the pool at random. The bottom line is this is not in anyway and indication that anyone else was using your network.

    Assuming you’re using a wireless router, and are using the wireless feature make sure you turn on the wireless security features. Follow your manual for complete instructions.


    Also, Depending on the router you can log into the web interface and look at who had what computer hostname has what IP Address assignment. Sometimes there are logs available that can help you determine why the router didn’t give the IP Address.