How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 6?

by on October 14, 2010

Q: How do I uninstall internet explorer six?

My dad gave me his old laptop. To clear out all the rubbish, I gave it to his IT guy at work to factory reset, then install XP professional. Since I prefer firefox to IE, I have downloaded this instead. I went via add/remove programs to uninstall IE6, and then restarted it.

However, it is still on my computer, and still runs. It doesn’t appear in add/remove anymore, though… I googled already, and the alternate solution was to go to C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer and select “Uninstall information”… but that folder was not there.

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    Internet Explorer is required for manual windows updates in XP, so I’d really suggest keeping it on the PC, and upgrading to IE7 or IE8 via Windows Update. Otherwise you’re leaving yourself open to a host of nasty security vulnerabilities.