How come I keep getting a message saying Data Already In Use?

by on October 16, 2010

Q: I recently set up a second user account on my PC and now I get a message on both accounts saying “Data Already In Use. The data required by Compaq Connections is still engaged by [the other user]. Do you wish to proceed here, shutting down the other session?”

This box appears even though I close all programs and log off before switching to the other account.

How do I stop this dialog box from popping up?

2 Responses to “How come I keep getting a message saying Data Already In Use?”

    start>all programs>startup and see if there is something in there called “Compaq Connection” or something along those lines. If there is, right click and delete it

    Also go to start->all programs->(HP / Compaq Folder) ->Compaq Connect . There should be an option to disable Compaq connect.


    I could not find Compaq Connection in my Programs file, so I Googled it and found that (a) Compaq Connections is being discontinued by HP and (b) ”Compaq Connections” is a service that automatically sends you “support information, tips, ideas, and special offers from HP and our partners” (In other words, it’s like HP adware).
    I thought it had something to do with my Internet connection; so, knowing what it really is, I simply went to “Add or Remove Programs” in the Control Panel and removed it. Thanks for the info; I’ll send a little monetary gift because you always come through with the utmost dispatch.
    Thanks, Michael