How do I redirect a sub domain to a domain?

by on October 17, 2010

Q: I need some help with SEO and re direction etc.

I have a site which is our main 3d rendering site.

I started a free-range chicken business and put it on a subdomain of the above site like this

The chicken business has taken off but I cant get good LOCAL search results from search engines in South Africa because it is firstly a sub domain and secondly not a site.

I bought a new domain and another

What would you suggest is the best way to do this?

A) move the site to one of the names and put a redirect on the .com site to the new site (or can I leave it there with out being penalized for duplicate content?)

B) Re direct the two new sites to the subdomain of the .com site (will the local search engines see this as a local site?)

Its lots of work so I would like to do it RIGHT!

One Response to “How do I redirect a sub domain to a domain?”

    You will want to do a 301 redirect from the sub domain site to the domain site. You will want to be careful to redirect each page and start getting everyone to link to the domain.

    You will also want to read googles comments on a 301 redirects