How come I cannot get Ubuntu to run off a DVD?

by on October 18, 2010

Q: I tried to download Ubuntu it completed installation then I tried to put it on a DVD and it is on the DVD but it will not run.

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    I’ll need some more details:

    First confirm you followed the instructions *Exactly word-for-word* that Ubuntu provides here:

    If you didn’t follow those instructions exactly, go back and try again. Read them throughly. Odds are any assistance I give you is going to be copy/pasted right from that page.

    You say it “completed installation”, does that mean that you successfully made it to the very last step of the instructions or did you do something different?


    Ubuntu has some troubleshooting documentation on this problem. See this page for details:


    You try each of them.


    Yes, but this specific issue probably wouldn’t allow a remote connection to the PC for me to review the problem. Additionally, there would be a considerable fee for this type of work.

    You might want to try: