How come I am being forced to use SkyDrive to share my scrapbooks?

by on October 19, 2010

Q: I have Windows7. Microsoft has me backed into a corner to sign up for a program that puts your doc’s, etc to share. They will not let me send an e-mail with an attachment …saying it is above the quota, even though I have for years. I am a 65yr. old woman who has a disabled spine, I enjoy digital scrap-booking of my grandchildren, but now cannot send the results back to them. the kits ,I paid for are all in my docs, I can’t share those as the women who made them would lose $$$.They sent me an email this am, that said just one more step..sign here and we will be done. I didn’t sign anything in the first place. They call one part SkyDrive, I believe. Can you get me out of this?

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    What domain is in your e-mail address? (,, etc) Whoever that is would be the company that controls any e-mail size limitations you have, not Microsoft.

    As you’ve probably started using nicer photos from newer cameras over the years, your digital scrap booking files have gotten bigger and are now too big to e-mail.

    To answer this growing need, many companies have started offering on-line storage. Skydrive is one of these on-line storage options and it won’t cost you a dime. With skydrive setup, you can upload ALL your digital scrapbooks to the skydrive. They can be completely restricted and private, available only to the people you allow (like yourself and your grandchildren).

    This takes care of the e-mail quota problem since now your e-mails will be small, and also you have the added advantage of having all your scrapbooks backed up safely at a remote location. So if something terrible happens to your computer your scrap books won’t be lost.

    If you’re absolutely against using the skydrive, you don’t have to use it, just ignore the e-mails. It was likely offered as a suggestion since you’re trying to send big files.

    The skydrive website can be found here: it explains how everything works.


    one thing you might consider is converting these documents to pdfs and that might help decrease the size for you or even trying to zip the documents might help get the size down enough.