How come my wireless network keeps disappearing?

by on October 21, 2010

Q: My wireless network keeps disconnecting and when I go to the “connect to a network” link, it has completely disappeared from the list of available networks. It comes back, eventually, but then goes out again and again. Thought my router was broken so just bought a new one and it’s doing the same thing. What can I do?

3 Responses to “How come my wireless network keeps disappearing?”

    Based on this information, my guess would be the problem is a range issue.

    If you use your laptop next to the router do you experience the same problem?


    It is almost always no more than 4 feet away from my router. I have not been able to connect, at all, for more than a day, now! I’m hooked to my modem, now.


    If you’re having the same problem with two different routers then it might be a problem with your laptop’s wireless card. Do you have any trouble connecting to other wireless networks?

    Also try changing the channel on your router from its web-config panels.