What is the most powerful laptop for around £800?

by on October 22, 2010

Q: I’m looking to buy a new laptop for video editing and just general use for college/uni! I upload video’s frequently to youtube and have to render video’s sometimes over 10 minutes long and I would like this process to be as fast as possible. I also would need multiple applications open at one time e.g Sony Vegas and Total Media Extreme, so I can record easily using my HD PVR. It would also need to be at least dual core, but I think quad core might be more suitable. I currently have a Sony VAIO NS20E, and I just find it crashes with multiple applications open and it takes hours to render 10 minute videos.
I have £800 to spend and was looking at the HP Pavillion series but was told to ask you guys first!

One Response to “What is the most powerful laptop for around £800?”

    For serious video work you are going to be a lot better served by going to a desktop system. You can expect probably double the performance for the same price, and you’ll also be able to use faster hard drives.

    Regardless of if you go desktop to laptop, with price fluctuation, and the sheer volume of options it’s next to impossible to give you a specific model number recommendation.

    So instead I’ll give you the following suggestions:
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    CPU: Probably go with a Quad for what you want to do, to help compare different CPU options check out http://cpubenchmark.net/ you will find benchmark data for pretty much every CPU on the market
    RAM: 4GB Minimum, add a little more if possible
    Harddrives: Most all laptops have 5,400 RPM drives which is going to be a huge bottleneck. 7,200 RPM drives are going to be a big help. See http://www.harddrivebenchmark.net/ for benchmark info on different drives.