How can I uninstall Touch Point Antivurus?

by on October 23, 2010

Q: My sister is locked out of internet by a program called Touch Point Anti virus. She says she never put it on her computer. It will not let her have access unless she pays for 1 year or lifetime membership. I signed her up for Yahoo account. This occurred shortly after I got her a Yahoo account. What is the solution? How can she get rid of Touch Point Anti virus without buying it?
I checked programs to remove or which was added and did a search for Touch Point Antivirus, which did not show up.

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    Try to use SUPERAntiSpyware to remove it:

    If that doesn’t work, reboot your PC into safe mode with networking (use F8 right before Windows starts to load)

    Then while in safe mode, try Super Anti Spyware again.

    If that still doesn’t do the trick try:

    Reboot your PC again, and run a full scan using your real Anti-Virus software. I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials.

    If all this sounds like too much on a pain, you can also choose to just reset the computer to factory settings or hire someone to do the cleaning.


    This just happened to me also – I hate these companies with nothing better to do than make people’s lives miserable. The program was attached to what looked like a real virus warning and loaded itself immediately. I’ ll be damned if I’m going to be extorted to pay for a year. I ran system restore, which is part of your windows program, and can be found in the system tools. Pick a date to restore PRIOR to Touchpoint’s awful program being installed on your computer. Its fairly self expainatory and worked on the first shot for me. Good luck.


    OMG! I just got sucked into this scam. I’m usually much more wary of these kinds of things but it was tagged with Microsoft Security Essentials, which is what I use, so I clicked “OK”. What a mistake. And it does prevent you from opening internet explorer AND your task manager. But here’s how I got it off my system. When your computer first loads up the Touchpoint program runs a scan. During this time I was able to open taskmanager and kill the process from there. It’s name is hotfix.exe. But that leaves you with a blank screen you can do nothing with. So I switched users and logged back in one of of the other user accounts. From there I was able to find the hotfix.exe application and delete it. I couldn’t delete it without killing the process first because you get a “file in use” error message. It appears to be removed from my system following that method. Good luck to anyone else that gets this really obnoxious program!