How come I have to restart my computer in order to use it?

by on October 26, 2010

Q: I have a desktop with the following configuration: Intel core 2 duo e7200 @ 2.53 ghz, 3.00 GB of RAM and nvidia gt 120 graphics card 1 GB. The problem is whenever I switch on my system I have to immediately restart the system before I do anything else without which my systems just hangs after a beep but once I restart everything is just normal. Can you please tell me what the problem seems to be here.

I don play games usually but I do burden the system with cad, sketchup, revit and the subsequent renderings.

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    My first guess would be an issue with the BIOS battery or possibly something else happening on the Power-On self test.

    I’d suggest either having a local tech take a look at it, or try using a “power on self test card”, if it is a problem at power on self test this might help. Otherwise popular troubleshooting steps include BIOS Upgrades, and swapping out parts to see if there is an issue with one of them.


    great..thanks a lot:)..hopefully that ll be the end of it…coming to the swapping out parts maybe that was the cause since this problem started only after i upgraded the graphics card..