How come video streaming on my new Dell does not work?

by on October 30, 2010

Q: I have a new Dell computer running Windows7 home and office. It has the one note program if that helps you identify it.

We have clear internet which is high speed. I have this problem about a week or so. Every time I try to watch a video online, it either stops to buffer a long time or stops completely and never starts back up. I have tried system restore, adobe flash player update, cleaning up files and can’t seem to solve the issue. Can you help me?

One Response to “How come video streaming on my new Dell does not work?”

    The problem is probably the quality of your internet connection with clear.

    Run a speedtest

    Also try bringing your computer to a friend’s house with good Cable/Fios/DSL internet connection and try watching some streaming video, you’ll probably have better results.