Why do I keep blowing fuses on my Mitsubisihi TV?

by on January 2, 2011

Q: mitsubisihi ck-27306 27″ tv started having some horizontal lines, and static noise when turned on, lasted for about 5 min. and went away. Set played fine,, then a couple days ago it just turned itself off? Tryied to turn it back on, but there is no picture or sound (black screen) The green power light is on, checked all controls(volume,channel select,AV reset,etc) nothing happens. Unplugged set,removed back, found blown 125V 2amp fuse. Replaced fuse with same,blew this one also? Is it terminal??

One Response to “Why do I keep blowing fuses on my Mitsubisihi TV?”

    Sounds terminal. You’re going to need to either talk to TV repair shop or replace the TV.