Why does my web browser always tell me “done with errors” when I load a web page?

by on January 2, 2011

Q: I searched everywhere to find answers to this problem (including “askageek”. It’s driving me nuts!
Left bottom corner of screen always shows “done with errors” including this site. All sites. when I double mouse on it it says “error on page”. when I double click to find out what it is it says ‘JSON’ is undefined. My computer runs slow because I’m rural so I have Qwest 2wire. speed is 54.0Mbps with disconnects variable and I am on a network with another computer host from another room.

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    Make sure you’re browser is fully up to date. Try disabling any extra toolbars you’re using with the browser.

    Also try switching to a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.


    I’m stuck to Explorer. I tried Firefox and don’t like the way the tools are navigated. I uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled it but it still does the same thing. I would like to know what ‘JSON’ is though and maybe I could find the program causing the problem in the first place.

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    The error messages refer to a javascript error on the webpages your visiting. Since you’re getting this on every website you visit, the probably isn’t the website but probably an IE addon changing how the page is rendered.

    Try running internet explorer in ‘safe mode’

    Go to Start > Run
    Type iexplore -extoff
    Press Enter

    This turns off all addons in internet explorer. If this solves your problem, there in an addon in internet explorer causing the problem.

    Additionally make sure Windows is fully up to date.