What flat screen monitor is compatible with my Cmopaq Presario?

by on January 5, 2011

Q: I have a Compaq Presario:
Product #: PU027AV-ABA
Serial #: MXP50802CZ
Service ID #: 03-12-2005

I want to get a flat screen monitor for it, I tried a 20″ wide screen and I could not get it to stop stretching the picture. I am looking at a 17″ full screen 1280 x 1024. Will it be compatible?

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    The 20″ wide screen should have been fine, if you’re getting a stretched picture then the monitor wasn’t set to its native resolution.

    Make sure the drivers for the video card are up to date. It appears that this computer comes with an nVidia video card, so get the latest drivers from http://www.nvidia.com

    From there just make sure your resolution in Windows is set to the native resolution of the new monitor and everything will look correct.