Why do my icons disappear after 10 minutes of use and don’t come back until I reboot?

by on January 10, 2011

Q: I have been having a problem where my icons and task bar disappear after about ten min, hence my screen saver or display page comes back but everything else is gone. Which causes me to have to shut down my computer. I’ve been working on this for 2 weeks now! It’s driving me nuts!!! I’ve AVG it, malawared it, scandisked it with no avail! I’ve gone to the display and right double clicked it and everything is checked off, I’ve gone into the task manager and new tasked it to explorer.exe and that didn’t work but something strange did happen where the library would keep popping up….. What does this mean? Can you help me?

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    I suggest you look at the to “Related Answers” Desktop Icons And Taskbar Disappear and Desktop Icons Randomly Appear And Disappear as they contain most of the information we have right now about this issue but I am sure some geeks will come along with extra information if possible.


      Thanks for replying but i have already tried the response by error checking my hard drives and then going into the winlogon and re-enterring explorer.exe in the shell and unfortunately that did not work! I am going to try the next advise hopefully that will do the trick. I have my fingers crossed. Oh, by the way I went into the processes in the task manager but sysu.exe is not there…… should I continue with the rest of the advise by going into C: program files and deleting ddm????????? 911 ..for the 411!!!!!!!


    If matt’s links don’t do the trick, I’d need to see some more details about your PC.

    I’d need you to run Belarc Advisor on your computer and e-mail the report to mark(at)askageek.com