How come I cannot reinstall Windows on the computer I am building?

by on January 12, 2011

Q: I need help with my new build pc..everything is new just dvd rom and my old hdd with win xp when i started pc it was like going to start win xp was on screen but after quick blue error screen and again from start …and after again same xx times i cant even reinstall windows its like cd rom not recognized or something but you can hear its spining… what it could be it looks i put everything good. by the way i used IDE Drive to SATA Converter for my cd rom

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    What’s happening is your new computer is trying to boot from your old Windows XP install on the old hard drive. Since the computer is totally different, Windows is getting confused and crashing.

    You’ll need to make sure that the computer is booting from the Windows Install Disk and not the old drive. Go into the BIOS and make sure it is seeing your cd rom drive, if not, check all your connections and also try pluging in directly to the mobo using IDE if possible.

    Make sure the boot order has the CD Rom drive booting before the hard drive.

    If you’re still having trouble, make sure the install disk isn’t scratched or damaged.


    I bought new hard drive and new dvd rom with sata conection(so it was reconized this time fine)still i needed because i want to have old pc aswell..and i have problem again it was evertyng fine i put win cd and it was instaling..and i restarted pc accidently..after i turn on again and now its bootmgr is missing message.How i could fix it ? its new drive i dont have important files there maybe i can just format from old pc and when try again?

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    Make sure the windows install CD is still in the computer.

    reboot the computer

    Watch closely for a prompt such as press any key to boot from CD.

    Press Any Key

    Windows Setup should launch, just start the install over from the beginning.

    If you don’t get a prompt to boot from CD, check your BIOS and make sure the CD rom drive is set before your harddrive in the boot order.