How come my laptop does not want to boot after being dropped on the floor?

by on January 14, 2011

Q: I have a Dell Studio 15 laptop that I’ve had only for about a year or two. I just dropped it from my table onto the hard tile floor, landing sideways. It fell about 5 ft. What seems to be the problem? Visually it looked fine. I unscrewed the back compartment, checked the battery, and there are no obvious damages. However, the laptop doesn’t even want to boot up anymore. I would get a message at first saying the system was down, then finally, I was at least asked if I wanted to try and launch start repair or start windows normally. I’ve tried both selections, but the green bar just comes across the screen like it’s lighting up, then all I get is a gray screen and no other movement. What does this mean? Is everything broken? How can I fix it? I’m distraught because my laptop is my life. I need all the info off of it.

One Response to “How come my laptop does not want to boot after being dropped on the floor?”

    I’m assuming you’ve never made any backups of your important data. The first hard lesson everyone needs to learn is that it isn’t a question of if you’ll have a hard drive failure, but when. Check out for some backup options.

    If the data on the hard drive is critical to you, you might wish to contact a data recovery company. I have no recommendations as I’ve never needed to use one, but if the value of the non backed up data is more important than money, then go straight to one of these companies.

    Otherwise, there may be damage to other parts of the laptop as well. Contact Dell to locate an authorized repair center to get the laptop fixed.