How come my laptop screen has rotated upside down?

by on January 15, 2011

Q: I left my laptop unattended for 5 minutes, when I returned the screen was up-side down and the mouse worked backwards. I rebooted and it stayed the same. Is this a virus? I then shut down and removed the battery.

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    There are some different commands in Windows that can flip the screen upside down like that. It’s not a virus.

    One of these might work:

    Option 1:
    right click the desktop
    select graphics options
    select graphics properties
    it’s in there under rotation

    Option 2:
    Take a look at your Fn Keys on the laptop (keys with any blue icons on them) one of them will probably toggle your screen around again.

    If you’re totally stumped I’ll need to know the version of Windows your running and the make and model of your laptop.

    Is there any chance a prankster could have walked over to your laptop while it was unattended? If so you should talk to said prankster. Also, in the future, if you’re in a position where someone else might use your computer while you’re away from it for a few minutes, you should Lock your computer (ALT+CTRL+DEL, click Lock Computer) you will then be required to enter your winodows username and password to get back onto the computer. All programs continue to run as normal when the pc is locked.