Why does my laptop make sounds when I move it slightly?

by on January 17, 2011

Q: I recently got a laptop its an Acer. I haven’t mistreated my laptop as far as I know, but every time I pick up my laptop and ship it slightly, I hear what sounds like parts moving around in the computer. I don’t know if that’s suppose to be like that but it’s always done that since I bought it. I did return the laptop so they could check it, but they didn’t see anything wrong.

I’m wondering if you guys knew.

One Response to “Why does my laptop make sounds when I move it slightly?”

    Does sounds like there is a loose part or screw? Can you explain the type a noise a little more? Also can you reproduce the problem every time?

    If it does this every time you move it I would say to definitely bring it back again to where you purchased and have their technical department look at it. Show them what it is doing and they should be able to repair it.

    It could also be one of various parts in the laptop that makes the noise. From the hard drive to the fan to a loose screw.