Are there any meters that I can buy that will measure radiation?

by on January 23, 2011

Q: I am interested in testing the amount of radiation enters my house/yard from a nearby cell antenna. I’ve been browsing online for a meter and found a lot of chinese and ghost finding junk. Can you recommend a decent meter manufactured by a reputable company?

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    First, make sure you understand the different kinds of radiation:

    The kind of radiation you want to measure will dictate what tool you need.

    If you want to measure Ionizing Radiation/ nuclear radiation you’d want to buy a Geiger Counter.

    If you want to measure Radio Waves buy an R.F field strength meter.

    If you want a measure Thermal Radiation, buy a thermometer! : )


    Mark, Thank you for your reply.

    In the post I specified that I would like to measure the (RF) radiation from a cell tower. I would like recommendations on a reliable meter manufactured by a reputable company.

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    Just wanted to make sure you understood what you wanted to measure so I didn’t make an improper suggestion.

    Based on my research I would consider this item:


    Thanks Mark!

    Check out what I’ve found. They look strikingly similar including their specs. There is about a $200 difference.
    Is one copying the other or is it the same product each with a private label?


    These appear to be similar products