How do I add access points to my wireless network?

by on January 23, 2011

Q: I have a Netgear Rangemax wireless N router/access point and I need more access points for coverage. My computer runs XP. Can I get two more wireless N access points and connect them physically to my router/access points and be able to roam seamlessly among them by using the same SSID, channel, password, passphrase, etc?

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    Two options. You can buy wireless range extenders aka wireless repeaters that can extend the range of your wireless signal. Or you can wire in via Ethernet, Wireless Access Points to your network to extend your wireless coverage.

    Both would give you the desired end result. The repeaters would be suitable for a home environment, the access points would be the preferred solution in a large building or campus where you’ve got a lot of users.


    Thanks for the answer. I have tried repeaters without success. Something about my house, I suspect. I want to rig the access points so that I can roam between them without logging in to each one. Maybe I just can’t.


    Nope, it’s totally doable. Set them all up with the same SSID and with identical security settings. Same channel may be required as well.

    If the repeaters don’t do the trick they might be too spread out.

    The access point method will work, you’ll just need to hard line to each of them. Either Ethernet over via Coax or Power-Line networking.

    Save yourself some headaches and consider contacting a local company (or two) that specializes in home / small business networking. They should be able to do an on-site at your home and assess your options.


    Best advice yet. Thanks for the nudge. I’ll get a pro on it and save a ton of Maalox expense.