What are my cheap ways of getting a new replacement computer on Ebay?

by on January 23, 2011

Q: I’m looking at cheap solutions on Ebay to continue computing. I have a harddrive from a laptop whose power circuit died. I know the harddrive is good. If I buy a laptop that boots to BIOS, can I be assured that it will run with my “known good” harddrive from an identical unit that had the power up problem?

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    I’d suggest against this plan. Instead, try to stay local with craigslist. You’ll have a chance to inspect the computer before you pay for it, and you’ll save on shipping and ebay fees.

    Next, if possible, unless portability is a must, go with a desktop instead of a laptop. It will be significantly cheaper and you can easily replace/upgrade parts.

    I would suggest after you buy your new computer to ideally wipe the drive on it and reinstall the OS to anything the old owner left on there is removed. Then, hook your old harddrive up to the computer (you can use an external hard drive enclosure) and pull over any important files.

    You aren’t going to be able to just swap drives between two laptops and have it appear like your old laptop has come back to life.