How come my PS3 wont read discs?

by on February 1, 2011

Q: My PS3 wont read any discs games, blu rays, DVDs or cds. I already tried playing a demo and then opening the xmb to see if that worked and I also restored the file system but nothing seems to work. I’m running out of options and don’t really want to send it to Sony. If anyone knows any other options I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Your best bet is a Lens cleaner disk, like this one:

    You should be able to find them for sale anywhere electronics accessories are sold. If that doesn’t help then you’re probably going to need to contact Sony.

    Good Luck!

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    Are you using a fat(glossy) PS3 or a slim?

    Is your light blinking red or is it powering on normal?

    The Fat PS3 has a problem with the lens. If your PS3 is out of warranty you can try to fix it yourself. This will completely VOID your warranty though.

    I have seen this done several times and has always worked, but if you are not comfortable I would suggest sending to Sony to repair.


    Its the old PS3 everything on it works fine it just wont read any discs all the lights are normal and everything else on it works without issue. There is no warranty anymore so im gonna try the lens cleaner if that doesn’t work ill take it apart. Thanks for the responses i hope it works i can only play 360 for so long….