How do I upgrade the flash drive on my HTC touch pro 2?

by on February 5, 2011

Q: How do I upgrade the flash drive on my HTC touch pro 2?

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    What do you mean by ‘upgrade the flash drive’?


    well when i try to watch web vidios it tells me u need to update to flash in order to preview this or something like that…but every where i go online to up grade when i go into my phones settings it says i have to run the apps. before i can open them..I dont understand all of that…


    You’re looking for Adobe Flash player which would allow you to run that content.
    Check the phone’s support page from your carrier for info on downloading the updates. I’m not finding a lot of information on how to do this update for your phone.

    The best I can find on getting it to work:
    ok ladys and gentlemen .. your savior has arrived …. if your looking for flash player on your htc touch pro im gonna take care of you .. i was looking for it for about 2 weeks and i figured it out …. all you have to do is type ” skyfire mobile ” on your web browser …. skyfire supports flash player …. to test it out go to previous to d.loading and it should say that you need flashplayer to use this site . than d.load skyfire mobile and it should work .. it did for me …. its way faster than the opera browser …. i dont even blog but im sick of people hating on the touch pro when it is probably the best phone on the market ….. 3.2 mega pixel camera …. iphone 2 mega pixel ….. video … iphone no video … faster internet than the iphone … not as many apps tho (yet) slide out keyboard (hate the touch keypad) i literally signed up for this site to let answer this question …. so spread the word if your a mad blogger about skyfire browser dont keep it to yourself because i noticed this was one of the biggest questions asked about the pro ….. if anyone with the htc touch know of any great 3rd party app sites or phone tricks or anything at all cool about the touch pro please hit up my myspace at …… considering i just saved your flash playing lives it would be appreciated ….. check out my music on there too . ENJOY PEOPLZZ

    Best of luck!