Why does the Windows part of my hard drive corrupt the OS X side?

by on February 8, 2011

Q: Hey, Im Running A Windows 7 bootcamp partition on my iMac 27inch from the middle of last year, and im having some problems. i fear Windows 7 has had some problems with my dive or something because after a while of use my mac side of the drive becomes corrupted and i am forced to delete and re format everything on my mac partition and then re install Mac OSX onto it, afterwards i would restore all of my apps and such back onto my mac side using time Machine. (after this my Mac side Performs very well until the Pc side corrupts it again) i have a feeling the Windows side makes this happen because after all of this the Windows Side is untouched and works fine, although i use my Mac side the most my Bootcamp Windows 7 side is where i play most of my games such as COD black ops and just cause 2,

in plain english i would like some sort of fix or patch that fixes Windows perhaps killing the mac side of my drive, do i have to Start my PC side again? help, ( i normally would of already re installed my PC side but installing windows 7 to it was a Huge pain.)

One Response to “Why does the Windows part of my hard drive corrupt the OS X side?”

    It might be an issue with the partition configuration. Also , make sure you’re running the latest version of bootcamp.

    Hopefully one of the OS X Gurus can provide some ideas, in the meantime take a look at this thread for some ideas: http://forums.techarena.in/operating-systems/1290176.htm