How come the new RAM I bought is not working in my HP Presario cq60?

by on February 9, 2011

Q: Hello all, I have just bought a new ram for my HP Presario cq60. The ram that is currently in my computer is two single gig sticks. The ram I bought is a 2gb ddr 2 PC2-6400. I have tried to put the new ram in it by itself and I have tried putting it in with one of the old 1gb rams. Nothing seems to work. When I start the computer after installing the new ram the screen just stays black and I can hear the computer running. Nothing comes on the display at all and eventually the computer just shuts off. I have a new program that I need a minimum of 2gbs to run and with the 2 single gig rams I only have an available of 1.75gbs of ram. I am running windows 7 64 bit and My computer is running AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-62 2.00GHZ. Any ideas? I would really appreciate it.

One Response to “How come the new RAM I bought is not working in my HP Presario cq60?”

    This sounds like one of the new sticks of RAM you purchased might be bad. The ram you purchased should be compatible with the laptop.

    Try removing all the ram, and sticking just one of the new 2GB sticks in. Boot up and see what happens. Then remove that stick, and try the other new stick.

    Odds are one will work and the other won’t. If that is the case you have a bad stick of ram and will need to get it returned. If neither work, they both might be bad.

    Last thing to try is take a close look at the RAM connectors in the laptop and the copper connection pins on the RAM. Make sure there isn’t any dust or crud on the connections as that can muck things up.