Why does my computer have lots of problems after I replaced the mouse?

by on February 9, 2011

Q: Windows XP system. Computer mouse stopped working. Replaced it with a wired mouse and 3 or 4 restarts got it working finally. The next day, most (but not all) of the icons are gone from the desktop, at least one icon for a program is the wrong icon, and the wallpaper has gone to a default wallpaper. Can’t start in safe mode because I get an error message, “Bad Pool Caller” that blue screens the computer. Can start it no problems in normal mode, just lacking all the necessary programs. Virus software is always on and up to date.

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    What kind of mouse did you buy? Was there any software that came with it that you installed?

    Bad pool caller can be caused by faulty hardware.

    Try unplugging the mouse and booting up the computer without a mouse and see what happens. If the problem goes away, return that mouse and get a new one. I strongly suggest something from Logitech, they have some of the best warranty support around.


    I used the default mouse that came with the Dell computer. I disconnected the mouse to check the bad pool caller conflict. No effect. I have not disconnected all the various hardware because the remainder has been there for a while without problems. I found out that the monitor had also been swapped out for a larger one the day prior (something I forget to mention), but I also reattached the old monitor to see if that was the problem with no effect.


    Overall it’s a strange problem. Part of a profile might have been corrupted, but all your programs and data should still be there, just go in through windows explorer.

    I know it’s kind of a fix-all situation, but you might want to consider a windows reinstall.


    Thanks Uber Geek. Additional information: Programs keep giving an error message, claiming that the computer is not the computer under the user name that was set up, i.e “you are currently logged into this computer using an account that is different than the one that this program was installed in.” Additionally, online banking requires the various verifications as if the computer is an unknown, public computer. Does this tend to confirm your suspicion of a corrupted profile?


    Yes, it could be. Here are some instructions on creating a new profile and copying data over to it.


    If that doesn’t solve your problems I’d suggest a windows reinstall.