How come search does not find any mp3’s on my system after upgrading to Windows 7?

by on February 11, 2011

Q: Since I’ve upgraded my operating system to Windows 7, I try to search for files like mp3’s or mp4a’s and my search comes up empty. I’ve done some research and tried the suggestions, but the search option cannot find files that I know are on my drive!

Any help?

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    Do you know they are on your drive because:

    A) You can go into windows explorer and navigate to your mp3 folders and listen to music
    B) They were there before you upgraded to Windows 7

    Depending on the type of upgrade you did, your main hard drive may have been wiped as part of the installation process. This would have been told to you during the install wizard.


    Actually I should properly explain what happened. I can find files on my machine. I have a zune player and the desktop software dumped over 5000 songs into my recylcle bin. When I restored them they didn’t return to their rightful folders. So when I try to do a full hard drive search, windows tells me that no files can be found. Now I know I have mp3’s mp4a’s and various other extensions, but it doesn’t even search. It just instantly tells me no files found. I did some research and it appears that this is a problem with Windows 7 and it’s something in your indexing options. I tried this and to no avail…so I’m looking for an alternative option to find these 5000 tracks on my hard drive.

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    Try using it’s a great program for finding out what is taking up a bunch of space on your computer. Those 5,000 mp3s should stick out big time.