How can I extend a wireless network that I don’t have control over?

by on February 12, 2011

Q: I live in an RV park that offers free wireless internet which I receive on my dell laptop. However, the signal strength is very weak and drops even lower later in the day when I use it most. Is there an inexpensive way to increase the reception or signal strength? I have no idea what type wireless is provided. I do know there is a large antenna about 250 feet from my RV. There are no obstructions between me and the antenna.

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    If you know the security passphrase to the wireless network you can try a range expander device. This device would need to be placed in an area where it gets decent reception to the wireless network. I have not had the best of luck with these devices. In the past when I have used them they have either not worked well or just stopped working.

    What kind of wireless card are you using? Wireless B,G, or N? Switching to a Wireless N standard card may help you get better range over the network. If this does not work there are really only 2 other alternatives. Run a network cable from the Internet router to a wireless access point (you would have to purchase) that would be located in your RV. You could plug this network cable into your computer as well. If that is not an option I would recommend getting a stronger antenna that you could possibly mount on top of your RV. Let me know which option you would like to pursue and I can possibly help you find a better solution to it. Thanks!