Why does bootcamp say there is no bootable device when I insert my Windows 7 disk?

by on February 13, 2011

Q: After several problems with windows 7 on a bootcamp partition i have decided to start it again and re install it using bootcamp on my iMac late 2009 27inch, although when my computer restarts after i have made a new partition and put in my windows 7 disk, it comes up saying “No Bootable Device– Insert disk and press any key”, i have no idea as to how to get passed this page because pressing keys seems to do nothing, i have found many people with problems like this but none have had my problem where i am trying to put windows 7 and a new partition.

i would like to know a fix or something for this (if possible) and how i would work around it so that i can finally install windows 7 on my computer.