What is the program for over clocking a dv6809mw?

by on February 14, 2011

Q: whats the program and pll to overclock a dv6809wm…….ntune has alimit of a 500 mhz boost how do i fix this

One Response to “What is the program for over clocking a dv6809mw?”

    Since you mention ntune, I’m guessing you’re focused on overclocking the video card. Is the video card running stable (in games) with a 500mhz boost? (I would suggest starting with a 5mhz boost, and working your way up to 500 with increments of 5-10mhz. Going straight to 500mhz will probably kill your video card.

    It is generally a very bad idea to try to overclock a laptop, since your limited to stock cooling.