How come my computer will not start with all the new RAM I bought in it?

by on February 18, 2011

Q: I recently bought RAM for my computer and I checked and my motherboard (G43T-M) maxes out at 8Gigs. I bought four sticks of ram 2gigs each and my computer wont start with all four sticks of ram in. It starts and quickly shuts off in two secs and then starts again on its own in like 4 sec… I’m curious if its the power supply since that is i think a 500 or 550 watt. Yes i plan to replace that next. My processor is an Intel core 2 duo 3.06Ghz. My graphics card is a Geforce 9500 GT.. I already know that isn’t getting enough power. So yea my problem right now is my RAM.. is it power or Dim?

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    You certainly have enough Wattage. If the PSU was so bad that it was causing brown-outs then the computer wouldn’t boot right with just your old RAM either.

    You probably have a bad stick of RAM, or one of them isn’t inserted correctly, or there is a bit of dust on the connections.

    Your best option for troubleshooting this is to use the process of elimination. Try running just one pair, and then just the other pair, try switching slots, etc. Also try just running each stick by itself.

    Also, while you’re doing all the swapping make sure you keep track of your ‘matched pairs’ Since you probably got two sets of two, make sure you keep the pairs together. If one stick is bad and you need to do the return you’ll need to return the other one as well.

    Odds are you’re going to find that when one of the sticks is in the computer it just doesn’t want to boot up. In that case you’ll need to talk to either the manufacturer or the retailer about a replacement stick.

    If none of this helps at all, post the make and model info of your RAM.

    Thanks and good luck!


    Ok so I decided to refer back to the manual of the mother board I had to print from the site. I have four dimms..two are orange and two are purple. I think this means its dual channel. The ram I have bought is Black Dragon, PC2 6400 800MHz CL5-5-5-15 2GB X 4 QC Kit. I have checked each stick on its own and they all work. I can have two sticks in purple or orange they it works fine. But if i put all four sticks in both purple and orange the computer wont start.. nothing on the screen..ect.. I hope this helps because I am really looking for some help. Maybe I bought ram that wont work that way or I doing it wrong. but some guidance would be great..thanks


    At this point my only suggestion would be to return them and try a different brand of RAM to see if you have better luck.