How come I cannot open my thumb drive?

by on February 20, 2011

Q: I have a thumb drive that will not open. I have used it as my Backup for many files. I have tried to open it in multiple drives, with no luck. My best guess is that it is corrupted. IS THERE ANY WAY TO RETRIEVE ALL/MOST OF THE INFORMATION?

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    From ‘my computer’ right click on the drive letter for the USB drive, click properties, then click on the Tools tab. Then click the ‘Check now…’ for error checking. Make sure both boxes are checked on the next screen and then click start.

    If that completes successfully then you should be good to go.

    If it doesn’t work, you can try running this from a command prompt:

    C:\>chkdsk E: \f \r

    Where E: is the drive letter for the USB Drive (change if needed)


    I tried the Error Checking as you suggested, but I get a pop up window that tells me “The disk check could not be completed because Windows cannot access the disk.” When I check on Properties, it tells me the device is working properly. I’m confused as to why this will not open. I hope I didn’t lose all my back ups!


    try the command line method mentioned as well. If that doesn’t work then I suggest taking the USB drive to a local computer shop to see if they can recover the data for you.

    Also, for a backup, it shouldn’t be your only copy of your important data. All storage mediums can fail. The key is to have more than one copy of really important things.