Can you sync music to a datastick with Windows Media player 11?

by on February 25, 2011

Q: Can you sync music to a datastick with Windows Media player 11 and if so how please? Using WinXP and a 1 gig datastick.

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    1. Open Windows Media Player (while the drive is still plugged in) and, on the left side column where it lists “Playlists” and “Library”, select the songs you want on your drive.

    2. Right click and select add to sync list.

    3. Click “Copy to Device”, and the music will copy to your drive”datastick”!

    If this is not working please let me know and i may be able to help further.


    jselden73 thanks for the reply … but….unfortunately when I open WinMP11 with the stick connected I get the following:
    “Your device is using an outdated driver that is no longer supported by Windows Media Player. For additional assistance, click Web Help.”
    So it appears that is why the stick is not recognised and I am not able to get to a menu with “copy to device” in it! Now the problem is I need a driver or revert to winMp10 which to be honest I can’t face the trauma!!


    what is the exact model of the usb stick you are using? Please give me the brand, model, and size. I can hopefully point you to some drivers for this.


    I’m afraid I only know it as a Bytestor 1 gig USB 2 flash Drive. Not sure if this will help?


    I might suggest contacting the manufacturer at this point for support. Their support page does not have any drivers listed.

    To contact them use this page:

    I also noticed this device is USB 1.1 and is only 1gb. I might suggest at this point just spending $10-15 and buy a new USB drive that is 2.0 compatible and will likely be anywhere from 2GB to 16GB.

    If you go to$10%20-%20$25 will show you a list of usb drives available. Any would be a reasonable replacement to what you are using currently.


      thanks very much for your thoughts and ideas. appreciated.