How do I get a driver for my new Ethernet card?

by on February 27, 2011

Q: I was given a desktop computer that has windows 98. But in order to get on the internet the ethernet that runs from the modem Bell provided doesn’t fit to the back of the tower. So Bell suggested getting a PCI network card which i installed my self. Now still unable to get online i was told i must get the driver that is applicable to that card
On the card it says IBM FRU and a string of numbers. Its also says PULSE H1012.
Is it true i can by getting on the right website download for free the driver i need?

One Response to “How do I get a driver for my new Ethernet card?”

    How did you purchase the PCI Network card? It should have all the needed model information so we can locate the correct driver on-line.

    Note that there is a chance that we won’t find a version of the driver that will work with Windows 98, as most hardware manufacturers don’t write drivers for it anymore.