How come my TV uses the built in speakers instead of my surround sound speakers?

by on March 1, 2011

Q: all my units , dvd player, fm on my receiver,but the tv only play it own tv sound but not the surround speakers, i try coding the remote no success, and believe i hook it up right, what im doing wrong..

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    You have to make sure that the TV has an audio out that is plugged into the receiver.

    Then once that is done turn on your receiver and make sure you hear sound from theTV. You may still hear sound from the TV as well.

    If you still are no getting sound on your receiver you may need to change settings in your TV to play audio through the receiver. And if there still is no sound it may not be compatible.

    What Model TV and receiver do you have? If you are still having problems after checking these suggestions i can find a manual and see if it is compatible.


    i use a HDMI i thought thats all i needed to connect to tv to receiver to get audio and video.. i have a LG hdtv. and a yamaha 7.1 model receiver.. do you think is all in the programing of the remote control;


    On some HDTV’s the HDMI out does not port audio, only video. I have experienced this with some devices i own personally.

    What happens if you try to run audio out through RCA audio cables from your TV to the receiver. Do you then receive any sound from your receiver then for the TV?

    I do not believe this would be related to the remote. However it could be related to the configuration of the TV to the receiver with the HDMI. What model LG TV are you using? and the Model # for the Yamaha receiver as well?


    LG 47LH30 if thats not it dont see a model for my tv. reciever is yamaha rx-v467. i believe i did the audio thing with the hdmi. swich cords to this and that, evrything.. believe me.. no sound from tv to speakers,,lol

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    Jeanhakeem, I appologize for the delay getting back to you on this.

    According to the manual on the LG website (see ) to have audio out on your TV you need to use the optical digital out port on the TV. (see page 40)

    Then on the Receiver if you plug the optical cable into AV4, which shows it is the TV port.

    Also if you want to turn the speakers off on the TV see page 85 of the manual for further instructions.

    If you are still having problems please let me know. According to the manual of your TV this is the only way to have audio out. There are no HDMI out ports on the televesion.