What is the best laptop with a excellent keyboard?

by on March 2, 2011

Q: Could you recommend a laptop? I’m an academic, I travel a lot and write a lot and do minimal multi-tasking – i.e. excel, browser and word at the same time with some streaming music. Games not a priority. I need something with very long battery life and easy portability. And an excellent keyboard. Price around $900 to $1,300. thank you!

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    Find a laptop with a keyboard that you like is always difficult as every person prefers a different style keyboard.

    one laptop you can check out is the Sony Vaio Sr series. it is rated to have one of the longest battery life at 7 hrs.

    Another option would be an Apple MacBook. They have a battery life rated at 7 hrs as well. Macs have always had good keyboards as well in my opinion.


    There are so many laptops on the market, it’s very difficult to really suggest a “best one”. Also, everyone’s opinion of a great keyboard is different. So until you try it out it’s hard to make a suggestion.

    Here is a nice filtered list from Amazon, I suggest reviewing the customer reviews, to see what looks good to you.


    Amazon’s return policy (assuming you buy from amazon and not a 3rd party reseller on amazon’s site) is really good, so if you buy a laptop and aren’t happy with it, they’ll take it back.


    J makes a good point about the MacBoooks as well, they are very very nice.


    If there is an apple store in your area I suggest stopping by and checking one out.

    Also, MS Office is available for Mac OS: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/