How come I cannot get my Android to tether with my laptop?

by on March 9, 2011

Q: I can’t get my Android to tether my laptop. I downloaded everything an on my laptop it says connected but I still get can’t display webpage. Before I would connect threw a public network an it worked fine an just recently its tells me connected to internet but I still can’t get on.

2 Responses to “How come I cannot get my Android to tether with my laptop?”

    What phone are you trying to tether with? What application are you using to tether? Also are you paying for service from your wireless provider to tether?

    If you are paying for tethering then you should just be able to run the software on your android then connect with your laptop and from there should be able to get out to the internet.

    If you are using an application from the market for tethering and not the built in one please make sure that there are no special guidelines for using the software.


    I am using a HTC hero,,,carrier is sprint an no I’m not paying for tendering.I am using easy tether from my market I paid them already.I didn’t know I had to pay my carrier extra for tethering