Why do I keep seeing files in my media player that I know nothing about?

by on March 11, 2011

Q: I keep seeing these files labeled ARESTRA-(pthc) tara 8 yo a to m and ARESTRA-(pthc) hot sperm mix(2) on my pc in recently view media player classic files..what are they, I’m a bit concerned? Thank’s.

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    These appear to be files from ‘Ares’ which is a file sharing program. Assuming you didn’t download these files yourself, I’d suggest:

    – Having a talk with everyone else using the computer.
    – Deleting all these files
    – Uninstalling Ares
    – Doing a complete spyware and anti-virus scan.


    Hi, thank’s for your reply. Yes when I tryed to play the file in “recently view files” in media player classic, I could not. A message came up saying “this short cut has been changed or moved, so this short cut will no longer work properly..I have seen these types of files with (pthc) in front of them several times, and what looks to be Ares installed and then uninstalled. When I asked my fiancĂ©e (he is the only other person who lives with me) he stated they were viruses, however this makes no sense to me and I am concerned because when I googled pthc it said it was short for preteen hardcore pornography or aka. child porn. This is obviously very serious and that’s why I need to know if they are in fact viruses or child porn that has been downloaded using Ares. Thanks so very much!


    Well, you can try recovering the deleted files with Recuva: http://www.piriform.com/recuva

    You can use it to exclusively search for just video file types too.


    Okay I will try this..thank you!


    is there anyway to download it for free, just to try it? I don’t like ordering things online, nor do I have a credit card.


    The program is free. Below the image with all the order stuff in tiny letters is a free download link.


    Okay, so I downloaded Recuva and did see the file names there and recovered them, it said the file type was: Shortcut..whatever that means, and I could not open them, when I clicked restore previous versions it said there were no previous versions to restore so I don’t know if they were permanently deleted or what’s going on, but the file names suggest some sort of child porn, they say things like 13 yo…blow job etc. etc. ..really gross stuff, so I need to know if they were quite possibly viruses or actually pornography downloaded from Ares..Please Help!


    Also what I did try was re downloading Ares, typing in the file name and it did come up as a downloadable Mpeg video file…? So I suppose they are not viruses?


    You’re probably right.


    I was hoping to be wrong :/ ..Thank’s for your help…